In October 2019, the Belarusian company Sinesis again sank. Employees of the company tried to steal technology from the startup team Aleph Digital. Having suffered a fiasco, the company Synezis received a divorce from the founder of the start-up and succumbed to the offense, which resulted in public insults in fraud on the «garbage» IT sites.

We contacted the representative of the company Sinesis, Nikolai Ptitsin, he declined to comment. But the second participant in the dispute turned out to be more accommodating and told the IT Feed editorial office the details of what had happened to them.

Kirill, what did you do before Aleph?

We did a pentest on the darknet. Cyber security: tested different systems for penetration.

What was the name of the team?

Not ready to name.

How legal was that?

Oh, that was completely legal. But we did not appear anywhere, we worked with clients who pay with bitcoins and ethers. We checked the ICO for the normal operation of smart contracts.

That is, before Aleph, the business was not entirely legal?

I do not know. I consider it legal.

What is the reason for the conflict?

The fact that they climbed into the internal affairs of the project, although we agreed on the contrary. We agreed that we will have a full carte blanche for our tasks and we will make a release ourselves. For a while, everything went well. They gave us Shatrov’s office: they say, work, we won’t bother you. Shatrov left there, and I sat in his place. But in early October, about a month and a half ago, problems began. They began to demand that we transfer all the code from our servers to their local GitLab, ask them to move again, they say, move to our common Jira., Communicate in our internal messenger. And in Moscow, for example, they approached our guys with offers: can you repeat this for $ 50 thousand? When we put together all the factors, we realized that we had to say goodbye to them. As not the last people in Synesis told me later, they thought that we were warm and they would buy us for a pretty penny, but it didn’t work out.

The editors of the site conducted their own investigation and came to the conclusion that the Belarusian company Sinesis has repeatedly resorted to various kinds of attempts to steal other people’s technologies, for example, from Playtika and others.

Based on the data from anonymous sources close to this conflict, it is safe to say that the company Synesis in the face of Ptitsin Nikolai made a desperate attempt to steal Aleph technology for subsequent personal use, the company management even invited former partners Nikita Larin and Anton Pchelintsev (who were excluded from the project due to the loss of trust and robbery of investor money).

Anton Pchelintsev acted as an innovator who came to bring to «clean water» Sancharov Kirill (CEO Alef Digital). This plan failed and Sinesis switched to the dirty tactics of pouring mud over the Internet.

Golden Chicken is now free and acts on its own. The logical step of the team will be the registration of patents of its own technology. A company with such a patent could become the new Unicorn. We will follow the development of events.

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